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Andrzej Żygadło – born in 1988, Przeworsk. Studies at Faculty of Paintings in atelier of prof. Leszek Misiak and the faculty of Conservation and Removation of Monuments at Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. He works with painting, graphics, drawing and photography. His area of interests is also documentation and conservation of monuments, history of art, iconography of relics on Podkarpacie. His works are in collection of Kórnicka Library PAN in Kórnik and Museum of Caricature of Henryk Lipioski in Warsaw.

Individual exhibitions

• X-XII 2008 – thesis exhibition „Polish- Russian madonna” (realized with Ewa Szozda), Collegiate Gallery, Jarosław,
• IX-X 2012 – exhibition „ Without View” the exhibition hall of the Club of Journalists, Krakow,
• I–II 2014 – exhibition „Shrine”, Art Agenda Nova, Krakow
• IX-X 2014 – thesis exhibition: „D.O.M.”; Art Agenda Nova, Krakow
• VI 2015 – exhibition „D.O.M.”, Lawyer’s Club Gallery, Krakow
• XII 2016 – I 2017 – exhibition „Record”, Desa Unicum, Warsaw,
• III–V 2017 – exhibition „Archive in art, art in archive”, National Archive in Przemyśl,
• 29 IV 2017 – lecture and presentation of the painting „Derewce”, named “Author’s commentary on paintings dedicated to the” Vistula “action, which took place during a scientific session organized on the occasion of the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the action “Vistula”. College Maius of the Jagiellonian University, Krakow.

Collective exhibitions

• V 2011, exhibition „Interior”, Fundacja Rozwoju Sztuki Zielona Marchewka, Krakow,
• V-VII 2013, exhibition „If…”, Collegium Maius, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, V 2013, exhibition „Bodies”, Gallery Floriańska 4 , Krakow,
• XII 2014, exhibition „Diplomas ASP 2014”, Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny, Krakow, VI 2015, exhibition „The Best Diplomas 2014/2015 ASP in Krakow”, Art Palace, Krakow,
• II-III 2017, exhibition „Występy gościnne”, Otwarta Pracownia, Krakow,
• IV-VI 2017, exhibition „Awangarda to petarda”, Art Agenda Nova, Krakow,
• VI 2017, exhibition „No problem”, Potencja, Krakow,
• XI 2017, exhibition „Leszek Misiak and students- Space for Art”, NCK, Krakow,
• XI 2017, exhibition „Leszek Misiak and students- Space for Art”, Academy of Arts, Krakow.