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Opening Hours

Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm


Art Agenda Nova
Batorego 2, Krakow


Piotr Swiatoniwoski


curator Szymon Maliborski

opening: 21/09/2012
6:00 PM
exhibition until: 12/10/2012

The R video exhibition is an exhibition of film forms referring to issues that the author has been bothering about lately. The significance of works is divided symmetrically, between reflection on selected aspects of material reality and the analysis of own stories and intangible experiences. The artist, therefore, problematizes the relations of man’s mutual co-existence with the animal world, with which he seems to be united in the path of evolution. Coexistence marked by dominion, experiments in the name of the development of civilization or post-humanist coexistence of human and non-human subjects. It extends its interest to the area of biological and transgenic sciences. It poses fundamental questions about the nature of our relations with the world of nature, the border between technology and nature, the achievements of science and the ways of using them in art. At the same time, he remains very personal, drawing many of his own observations.

The always refined and composed image through the gesture of non-linear assembly creates a cascade of meanings. It takes the form that can be described as a film essay. The fragmented, fragmentary, illuminating its object from many sides refers to various contexts, from Kubrick’s cinema to issues of memory building processes. The question about the relationship between man and animal and man and his past (memory) revolves around the issue of identity all the time.

The problem of remembering is the starting point for the second group of exhibited works. These video works in which the past is not yet unblocked and remain in the dark. This is probably the place where recurring calculations appear, verbal descriptions of individual scenes. These films are a reflection on the structure of memory, on the way of constructing it based on the semi-mathematical images in the form of photography. The role of these images in shaping our memory is not limited to being a prosthesis. They approximate and at the same time distance us from reality. As the matrices of the past experience, they are a place of remembrance and a place of forgetting, replacing living memories by images. They also hide the disturbing secret of passing away, because in a suggestive way they seem to confirm that the world depicted in them belongs to the past. All the more evident is the tendency to preserve it, to preserve it, to embalm its crumbs.

The exhibited works are arranged in a coherent cycle devoid of narrative. Between the individual video works, the attentive viewer can observe the flow of motifs, the use of characteristic frames that somehow subconsciously point to the common core of the problem from which this creativity grows.

Szymon Maliborski

Piotr Swiatoniowski


He was born in 1985 in Krakow. He lives and works in his hometown. In 2008 he began studies at the Sculpture Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. In 2011, he began the second degree studies at the Intermedia Faculty. He mainly deals with video, photography and objects.

Individual exhibitions:
– video R, Art Agenda Nova, Krakow, 2012

– Viewpoints, Łódź, 2012
– Sites En Ligne, Ligne near Brussels, Belgium, 2009
– Transformations, Warsaw, 2009
– Events, Tczew, 2009
– Audio Art, Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow, 2009
– Revisions, Central Station, Warsaw, 2009
– Student Film Festival Węgiel, Katowice, 2009

Group exhibitions:
– Getting to know nature is not nature, Jordan Park, Krakow, 2012
– CSW Wawel Castle, ArtBoom Festival, Wawel Royal Castle, Cracow, 2012
– How far, how close, Galeria Wiatrak, Krakow, 2012
– Space, Bunkier Sztuki Gallery, Krakow, 2012
– Counter-revolution, BWA Gallery, Tarnów, 2012
– Pani Walewska, Galeria Zbionik Kultury, Cracow, 2011
– Absence of boundaries, Galeria Parter, ASP, Łódź, 2010
– Hibrida 3, Cartwright Hall Gallery, Bradford, England, 2008

– 1st Prize, Video Festival, Viewpoints, Łódź, 2012
– 1st prize in the category of Installations, International Festival of Events, Tczew, 2009