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Opening Hours

Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm


Art Agenda Nova
Batorego 2, Krakow


Marcin Cieński


Marcin Cieński’s paintings presented at the exhibition “Now I live in the countryside” in Art Agenda Nova are a dozen or so of the artist’s latest canvases. Marcin Cieński’s works are closely related to the surrounding reality, the artist has a perfect sense of observation, sense of form and color, and the presented works convince us that for a young artist the perfect workshop is of great importance. The specific atmosphere of seemingly trivial landscapes and scenes in interiors has reached Cieński with a saturated color scale – deep grenades, greens, orange and violet. The nuances of light and shadow hypnotize the viewer, the light of the lamp post, the fire from the fireplace, the light that emanates from the windows of a typical block after dark brings out the figures and objects while making them unreal. As for the content layer of images, I will use my own commentary:

I have been living in the countryside for 7 months, in the Krakowsko-Częstochowska Jura, on the edge of the Ojcowski National Park. The presented pictures (with one exception) were painted here.
Before moving to Krakow, my studio was located in the backyard of a primary school, where from behind the wall came the sounds of lessons taking place, and beyond the window was the panorama of Kurdwanów. In that environment, I painted “Kurdwanów”. With some astonishment I noticed how the place determines what I paint. A sudden move meant that the local sielskość entered the paintings. It turned out that it was difficult for me to remain indifferent to the spectacular sunsets, starry skies and all this idyllic staffage, which squeezes itself on the paintings.
That is why I stopped critically and in disbelief to look at the everyday spectacle of sunset, swirling clouds, pinks, rays and other “special effects”. My stay here will soon end and probably from the perspective of the city again it will be difficult for me to believe that all these “fireworks” are the usual everyday life in the vicinity of Ojców.

The exhibition of Marcin Cieński’s paintings will be available in the Nova Gallery until November 4.