Works from Łukasz Surowiec’s “Herbarium” can be seen at the collective exhibition “Ratcatcher” until September 24 at the MWW Contemporary Museum in Wrocław. The exhibition “Ratcather” not so much diagnoses society through the prism of risk, but rather indicates the border states, tensions and fears, talking about interpersonal relations and the consequences of decisions. Looking at these areas, the image of the Angel of History from watercolor by Paul Klee inevitably returns to us, who with fear on his face still moves away from the past. The title of the exhibition refers to Andrzej Czarnecki’s film documentary about techniques used by a deratization specialist. The hero introduces the methods of his own work, discussing the case of ordering the extermination of rats from meat plants. The intelligence of animals arouses admiration and sympathy in him, but he remains ruthless. Knowing the psyche and habits of rodents allows him to work effectively. By doing methodically and consistently, he always wins. He starts with gaining trust in rats, giving them food, and when they get used to it – he kills them.