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Opening Hours

Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm


Art Agenda Nova
Batorego 2, Krakow

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Katarzyna Skrobiszewska



Another artist originating from the circle of hyperrealism, whose paintings are shown by the Krakow NOVA gallery, is Katarzyna Skrobiszewska. This is one of the most promising creators of the young generation, he has already achieved considerable successes. An article devoted to her works was published by the Exite magazine, she took part in the noisy young art festival novart.pl, the Art Supermarket project, she was one of the finalists of the Image of the Year 2001 and 2002 contest.

In NOVA you can see a dozen of her latest canvases, but a little different from the earlier manner of hyperrealism. Some of the painted cars by Skrobiszewska from the 1970s may be remembered from this side of the lateral period. Characteristic, vivid colors and detailed detail – so characteristic for this trend – were later abandoned in honor of slightly different painting measures. There was a “black series” of paintings inspired by the subject, in which the artist accurately reproduced the nuances of black on black. The venture was quite risky, and those who are guided by purely commercial incentives would rather not decide on them. Black, and in addition painted on black, is not easy for recipients. Such treatments are appreciated by the few, for others they seem to be most often too difficult. “They do not go straight away”, as is sometimes said.

The exposed canvases are built mostly on the basis of black and white contrast. These “optical games”, however, are not aggressive to the eye. In principle, Skrobiszewska’s paintings could be described as a harmony of peace, tranquility and the savings of means of expression. White is used sparingly, objects from the darkness are extracted using a lamp on a desk, a lamp post, a smudge that peeps out from behind a closed door. The shadow plays with light, glow with darkness.
The starting point for the newest paintings is observation from behind the windows of the post-factory studio in the vicinity of Krakow, views from the bus or the window of the house in the mountains. This is how a series of landscapes were created in rather unkind colors. Black, white, green, sometimes a little gray blue – this is the basic palette of colors. Some of the works may be associated with the state of transition to a different dimension. The state of peace, immobility, as if timeless, is characterized by monochromatic canvases on which the enigmatic red-yellow or pale suns are suspended in a vacuum. It brings them closer to abstraction. The accents of strong colors on the neutral background are extremely well thought out and constitute a delicate opposition for infinitely many shades of gray.

The artist, when asked about the title of the exhibition, replies: “I once read a strange sentence:. Now I could say that myself. I’ve been in the habit of constant, intense looking, and it turns out that it can be tiring. On the other hand, these words can be a consolation for a painter: something wants to be seen everywhere. ”