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Infiltron Icons | Aicja Żebrowska

Opening Hours Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm Gallery Art Agenda Nova Batorego 2, Krakow Artist Aicja Żebrowska Duration 10.03 – 12.04.2020 Opening: 10.03. 2020, 6:00 pm. Exhibition opened: Mon-Fri 9:00 am – 5:00 pm ABOUT EXHIBITION We invite you to the first exhibition of paintings by Alicja Żebrowska, an artist with extensive achievements in the category of visual arts, who is known to […]

HARD PEELS | Magdalena Starska

The exhibition is made of hard peels, common ones, which do not decompose. They are deposited in thick layer. The only thing that helps is everyday work or joy of this diverse bush. Different base, different density of paint is only a diverse form of the same hard peel.

Maria Schumacher | EVENT Horizon

Maria Schumacher was born in Bucharest, Romania in 1983. She lives and works on a daily basis in Leipzig, Germany. She studied painting in the class of Neo Rauch and Heribert C. Ottersbach at the School of Visual Arts in Leipzig and took part in the Erasmus program at the National College of Art in Dublin.


„SONGS ARE SPELLS” publikacja audio – video autorstwa Diany Rönnberg to swoista muzyczna i wizualna ‘lista TOP’ COMBI CATS. Zawiera kompilację historii piosenki i teledysku. Łączy elementy hip – hopu, rapu wraz z poetyckością komentarzy Claude Debusy’ego i mocno zaakcentowaną postawą Billie Holiday, czy tricksterów. Wszystkie formy piosenek wywodzą się z idei braterstwa, czyli communitas, interpretowanego głównie poprzez powiązanie z „zaczarowanym” stanem liminalnym. Ronnberg mówi o liminalności jak o stanie odseparowania i resetu, przestrzeni społecznej, w której dokonuje się zmiana. Wszystkie ‘głosy’ Combi Cats mówią o stawaniu się: artystki, muzyka, poetki, kobiety, społeczeństwa natury…

Łukasz Surowiec’s “Herbarium” | Exhibition “Ratcatcher” MWW

Works from Łukasz Surowiec’s “Herbarium” can be seen at the collective exhibition “Ratcatcher” until September 24 at the MWW Contemporary Museum in Wrocław. The exhibition “Ratcather” not so much diagnoses society through the prism of risk, but rather indicates the border states, tensions and fears, talking about interpersonal relations and the consequences of decisions. Looking at these areas, the image […]

The exhibition “Productive Work – What is it supposed to be?”

The exhibition “Productive Work – What is it supposed to be?” Is underway at the Vienna Q21, during which the work “Tears’ Dealer” will be presented jointly by Alicja Rogalska and Łukasz Surowiec. In the exhibition curated by Anamarija Batista, the notion of ‘productivity’ as well as the manifold individual and social ideas surrounding it, is put forward for discussion. […]


This year’s exhibition presented during Cracow Gallery Weekend Krakers will be devoted to the relations between the phenomena of transformation. The interdependencies will be shown through the works of Polish contemporary artists. The main narrative of the exhibition will revolve around a group of strongly interacting phenomena, anchored in a number of contexts –

Avant-garde is a firecracker

The exhibition “Awangarda to petarda” illustrates the scope of the impact of avant-garde on the creation of contemporary artists. All works presented in the exhibition are rooted in various trends of 20th century art, however they are different from their predecessors, as they have a bilateral character.

Liberation/Wyzwolenie | Sławek Zbiok Czajkowski

The exhibition “Liberation/Wyzwolenie” shows the latest paintings, installations and objects by Sławek ZBIOK Czajkowski – the artist inspired over the years by the American hip-hop scene and streetart. His works fit perfectly into the mainstream postgraffiti, whose representatives go far beyond spraying the walls.

THE ISLAND | Michalina Bigaj

The definition of island in geographical terms of land surrounded by water is only a starting point for Michalina Bigaj’s artistic exploration. A study tour to Iceland inspired her to take up the subject of island in her work, both in its universal and local sense. Seclusion and isolation are the features most commonly associated with this topos, and in the case of the farthest northern part of Europe, it additionally evokes a vision of a country full of contradictions; the land of ice and hot springs. The meetings with inhabitants of Iceland, the stories heard from them as well as the artist’s own experience gathered in the course of her journeys, confirmed her opinion that nature still has tremendous influence on the residents’ lives. The artists builds a visual narrative about the relationship between people and the unbridled forces of nature which force them to continue to adapt to the nature’s rules.

PAKT / WALK | Xawery Wolski

At the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries, in the mountain areas of Saxony, the so-called Weihnachtsbergi – objects that are a kind of unique synthesis between – traditional for this area – portable mock-ups of the interior of mines, and Christmas cribs.

Cleanched Staring Eyes || Mykola Ridnyi

Information totality is a part of contemporary globalized world. Everyday we are receiving information, among which events at, so called, “hot spots” draw a special attention. There is no deficite in news about armed conflicts that appear immediately after or even during being last.

Ćmienie || Zuzanna Rokita

The exhibition at Art Agenda Nova will be a presentation of her artistic achievements from her studies at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux – Arts in Paris. Her work, inspired by the widely understood tradition of op-art and constructivism, focuses on the problem of the mechanisms of perception, illusion and play with the convention of the reception of a work of art.

Possible solutions | Szymon Szewczyk

Szymon Szewczyk is a collector. His practice focuses on intuitive searching for gaps in narratives. In his artistic imaginarium he places elements of non-Western culture, shreds of traces of the past, as well as elements reminiscent of the treasures of a spontaneous DIY enthusiast.