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Opening Hours

Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm


Art Agenda Nova
Batorego 2, Krakow

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Kornel Janczy


I came back from the trip. Travels through real, three-dimensional space. I made it through maps and geographical atlases. I combed millions of square kilometers. I was in the farthest corners of the earth. I studied the shapes of countries, their size, and terrain. Artificial and natural boundaries, contentious and uncontested. Road network, population density, administrative division, time zones. I analyzed state flags, their colors, shapes, symbolism. I gained reliable knowledge about places where I have never been before. When it was not enough for me, I reached for books, magazines and popular science programs. Hundreds, thousands, millions, billions of light years to go. Everything about the space that I will never physically know. I saw how the planetary system looks like, the star’s life process, I saw the nuclei of the planets. I visited spiral, elliptical and lenticular galaxies. From the TV screen at three hundred thousand kilometers per second, the light ran towards me, and with it the visualizations of the processes taking place in the universe. I have collected information that makes it seem human that he knows something about things that scientists do not dare to talk about. It is known that information from the second hand always gives a shapely impression, in contrast to the full gaps and ambiguities that a scholar can have. In this way I got to the place where the boundary between science and pseudoscience, truth and fiction is blurred …

Kornel Janczy
He was born in 1984 in Limanowa

2005-2010 – Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Faculty of Painting, Laboratory of prof. Andrzej Bednarczyk
2008-2009 – Akademie der Bildende Kunste, Munich

Individual exhibitions:
2011 – “Głębokie pole”, Art Agenda Nova, Krakow

Group exhibitions:
2011 – “Kinderspiele”, Reservoir of Culture, Krakow
2010 – “Salon”, Cracow, Poland
2009 – “Master and students”, Tarnowskie Góry, Poland
2009 – “306”, Floriańska 22 Gallery, Cracow, Poland
2009 – “Gegen Uber”, Munich, Germany
2008 – “Półmetek”, Open Workshop Gallery, Krakow, Poland
2008 – “Project Poligon”, Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, Poland

Deep field

Vernissage: 10 June 2011 at 18:00
The exhibition lasts: 2011-06-10-2011-06-30

Here I live, I want to live there

As the travel fever overwhelmed the whole world, Xawier de Maistre sat in his bedroom in the attic of a country house somewhere in Piedmont and wrote a Journey around his own room. The expedition was extremely exhausting, dangerous and long. Cyclical expeditions due to thunderstorms on the carpet turned back after weeks of wandering, never reaching the desirable coast of table bone, the view from the window, or the edge of the window sill.

Kornel Janczy, like de Maistre, returned from a long journey he had never taken. He travels – as he admits himself – after a real three-dimensional space, which he only wandered around the map, looking through geographical atlases and thus gaining reliable knowledge about places where he never was.

He drew dozens of drawings and sketches of distant lands, mountains that he did not climb, rivers that he did not cross, seas and oceans never sailed, visualizations of demographic indicators of lands, which were swept by winds in the middle of his room, when the window and door are simultaneously open. When the world was not enough for him, he looked at the stars on the ceiling; he looked into the outermost recesses of the cosmos, watched places that were no longer there and after which only a thousand years of light remained. The image seen through the telescope of the imagination, a deep field, as physicists and astronomers call these places.

He took pictures for him into the deep field from the deep province he was on. By painting and watching, he was able to access distant parts of space and time, and boyish dreams of mysterious Lemuria and Gondwana dreamed by all the great art travelers from Robert Smithson to Roni Horn became reality. That’s how a trip to anywhere was going.

Curator: Wojciech Szymański