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Opening Hours

Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm


Art Agenda Nova
Batorego 2, Krakow


Michał Chudzicki


A window is a space of contact, a place of encounter between what is external and internal. It is also an opportunity to go beyond what is here and now. Through entering the interior of the creative entity, we paradoxically go to the world of external inspiration located nearby in the sphere of culture.
One of the tensions that organize the world within these liquid limits is contained in the dichotomous division work. The symmetry of simple spaces, built using geometric planes, contains irregular forms that escape from harmony. Treated as a substitute for characters, animated elements, they exist not only in the symbolic lines of the arteries, but also literally shown as absurd organ systems. Openwork creatures, like the shadows of beings, seem to pass quickly in view of the immutability of the world in which they are embedded. You can also look at the vanitas motif in relation to the wider context, reflecting on the mortality of old art.
The double nature of inspiration, hidden under abstract chromatics is also visible in intimate works and their flat surfaces. They come once from the world of artistic forms, sometimes from the literal representation of nature. The possibility of falsifying reality, creating artistic spaces from inconvenient and neglected places, is the perceptible feature of small watercolors. The whole is permeated with delicate lyricism, contemplation over the formal qualities of colors.
The exhibition is also a journey through the area of the artist’s previous search, being not so much a summary as a choice. Various poetics seen from a certain distance make up a heterogeneous image, but consistent internally. Put together next to each other, they remain in a lively dialogue so that, like the multitude of inspiration, finally become a whole.

Curator of the exhibition: Szymon Maliborski, coordinator Paulina Stępień

Michał Chudzicki born 1983. He graduated from the State High School of Visual Arts im Bernardo Morando in Zamość. Currently, the fourth year student at the Faculty of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow in the studio of prof. Leszek Misiak.
He exhibited his works
2008 – “Master and Students” Museum in Tarnowskie Góry, Częstochowa Museum
2009 – “Poem about the city of Lublin” STOP Gallery !, Lublin