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Opening Hours

Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm


Art Agenda Nova
Batorego 2, Krakow

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Natalia Bażowska
Ewa Juszkiewicz
Agata Kus


It is not easy to wade through the thicket of the forest. Be careful
protruding roots, maneuver between stretches
branches. The fairy-tale reality of nature conceals in itself buried in
nooks of the imagination story, about a very bad wolf, buried
baby, lost among the thickets of a girl. Exhibition of Natalia
Bażowska, Ewa Juszkiewicz and Agata Kus “The Very Bad Wolf” is three
individual artistic narratives based on a fairytale meeting
girls with an animal. Meeting with him is inevitable to go
continue, come to the end of the forest. The wolf is not always bad … Sometimes
a strange fascination arises between him and the golden-haired girl.
And the questions flicker between the leaves. Where to go? Is it better to stay and
Let the fairy tale develop in our head?

Curator Marta Kudelska

Natalia Bażowska
b. in 1980 a student of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. Last year she defended her doctoral thesis on the influence of visual messages on the Medical University of Silesia. In his art, he reaches the collective unconscious and redefines the concept of emotions. She is fascinated by the dependencies between living beings.

Ewa Juszkiewicz
b. in 1984, a PhD student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. He co-creates the vj-ski collective AAA Tanie Wizualki. Laureate of the special award in the final of the 8th edition of the “Artistic Journey of Hestia”, a monthly scholarship in Valencia. Winner of the first prize in TheOneMinutes competition and III prize for II Multimedia Szajna Festiwal. A scholarship holder of the Marshal of the Pomorskie Voivodeship. Nominated for the City of Gdansk Award for Young Artists in the Field of Culture 2010 and “Storm of the Year 2009”.