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Opening Hours

Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm


Art Agenda Nova
Batorego 2, Krakow

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Xawery Wolski


Vernissage: 23 October / 6:00 pm
October 23 – November 24, 2015
Open exhibition: Monday – Friday, at 9am – 6pm

Curator: Jakub Skoczek

At the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries, in the mountain areas of Saxony, the so-called Weihnachtsbergi – objects that are a kind of unique synthesis between – traditional for this area – portable mock-ups of the interior of mines, and Christmas cribs. Similar in structure to the traditional cribs in the form of dioramas, known from the Polish tradition, they showed, apart from the place where Christ was born, a fragment of the underground world explored by man. The central installation point of Xavery Wolski is a para-architectural structure that grows like a nodule on a geological section of a terrain sample. A form whose origin can be determined with equal probability as the result of an eccentric plotter’s action, which is a remnant of a long-forgotten folk rite. Exhibition elements build a network of simultaneous, alternative narratives whose axis is a journey through layered structures outlined in the installation space. Structures understood as both components of a specific ritual and the effects of the psychoanalytic deconstruction of the subconscious.

The context of the “laboratory” neutral space of the white cube seems to allow observation of this peculiarity from a safe distance.

Xavery Wolski (born 1988, Aix-en-Provence, France). Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Jan Matejko in Krakow, Faculty of Graphic Arts. Co-founder (with Hubert Gromny) of the “Pasta” installation on the roof of the former Warsaw railway station Powiśle and the Spirala group exhibition “NGC 5474. Somewhere Blue Wilderness” at the Contemporary Art Gallery Bunkier Sztuki in Krakow. Founder of the MoreŚwiatła group and the Spirala group. He participated in the exhibition “Significance of Dust” by Agnieszka Klepacka at the Museum of the Botanical Garden in Krakow. Co-founder (with Hubert Gromny) of the winning project “Let’s trim our hair in accordance with lifestyle” in the national Grolsch ArtBoom Festival. In 2014, the winner of the all-Poland Artistic Travel Hestia competition. He deals with film, animation, comics and sculpture.