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Opening Hours

Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm


Art Agenda Nova
Batorego 2, Krakow


Michał Korchowiec
Bartosz Kokosiński
Michał Zawada


Monochromatic canvases by Michał Korchowiec do not show off with color or sharp forms. Maintained in a luminous tone, they remain visible against the white walls thanks to the subject of which are subtle portraits and self-portraits, peculiar studies on the variability of emotional states. The main element building the atmosphere of Korchowiec’s paintings is milky, white light. It does not serve here to sharpen but to blur, it does not mince, but hides the silhouettes. It lets them get lost on the surface of the canvas. The images created by Korchowiec seem to be overexposed, their outlines are blurred, illegible, the show fights against the background absorbing it.
Michał KORCHOWIEC (1987) lives and works in Krakow. Currently a student of the third year at the Faculty of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in the studio of Andrzej Bednarczyk and the intermedia studio of Grzegorz Sztwiertnia and Zbigniew Sałaja.
2009 “AUTO- …” – art nova agenda – Krakow
2008 “Who gives and receives, gives and receives” – Galeria Moho – Krakow
2006 “Węgierska St.Art.” – the space of the Hungarian street in Krakow
2006 “Home” – Cooperation on the Shahrama Entekhabi project, construction
“Living space” for young artists. A square in front of the Bunkier Sztuki in Krakow.

Starting from reflections on the technological aspects of painting, Bartosz Kokosiński takes up a dialogue with tradition. The subject matter of his canvases revolves around classic themes, but the way they are presented changes our way of looking at painting. Giving up the traditional form, he created his own medium. His paintings are bent, arched, irregular. Kokosiński disintegrating the form of his canvases deprives us of the possibility of traditional reception and the use of common interpretation tools. It makes it impossible to think about a work of art as a stable, invariably shaped object. In the series “Monsters”, Kokosiński creates a surrealist bestiary. Treating the inspiration of nature and portrait as a starting point, he creates para-abstract compositions of organic forms and vivid colors – here the disintegration, not the painterly means, but the theme of the picture. The artist constantly discusses the possibilities, limitations and directions of painting development. Through his work, he opens up a wide field for reflection on the role of form and technology in art.
Bartosz KOKOSIŃKI (1984). He lives and works in Krakow. Currently, he is studying at the Faculty of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow in the studio of Andrzej Bednarczyk and the interdisciplinary workshop of Grzegorz Sztwiertnia and Zbigniew Sałaja. Laureate of scholarships Scholarship of the Capital Royal City of Krakow, scholarship of the Minister of Culture and the award of the Elizabeth Greenshield Foundation. In addition to painting, he also deals with photography and video art.
2009 Bestregarts Junge Kunst, Frankfurt
2009 “306” showing the work of prof. Bednarczyk, Florianska 18, Krakow
2008 Frankfurt – Kraków / Look – at -me / Bestregarts / Frankfurt am Main
collective exhibition of painting
2008 post-competition exhibition “Rybie Oko 5”, Kameralna Gallery, Słupsk
2008 blankly, perfect summer, VertexList, New York, USA
2007 Jeune Création Européenne-New talents on the European Art Scene, Paris
2007 “shame before repetition”, art nova agenda, Krakow
2006 painting exhibition from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Kunststation Kleinsassen, Germany

In his work, Michał Zawada returns obsessively to the subject of death and passing away. He creates cycles: Shadows, Winterreise, In Prasie of Shadows. When creating her paintings, she refers to the postmodern idea of combining threads. He searches for visual connections that evoke fear, anxiety, and open up the imagination. The starting point for its implementation are always existing images and photographs. He draws from the work of Alexander Gardner, David Seymour and Hiroshi Sugimoto. Consciously narrows the color range to three colors: magenta, cyan and yellow. Colors mix, permeate, never stay on one plan, they build a dialectic full of multiples and analogies. He speaks of his paintings as fragments of emptiness, crevasses through which we can reach the source and the essence of things.
MICHAŁ ZAWADA (1985) lives and works in Krakow. Currently a third-year student of painting at the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts in the studios of A. Bednarczyk and J. Waltoś. He also studies art history at the Jagiellonian University.
2008 – “Półmetek”, Galeria Otwarta Pracownia, Krakow; “Duch i materia”, Old Bakery, Krakow; “Poligon”, Municipal Cultural Center, Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski; Post-competition exhibition “Integralia”, Stara Piekarnia, Kraków.
2007 – Post-competition exhibition “Against Wyspiański”, Szafirowa Pracownia, Kraków (distinction); “Krakow – inspirations”, PWST Gallery, Krakow.
2008 – laureate of the scholarship Janina Kraupe-Świderska.