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Opening Hours

Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm


Art Agenda Nova
Batorego 2, Krakow

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Jerzy Nowosielski


Exhibition of serigraphy (as part of the International Print Triennial)
Interview with Małgorzata Gołębiewska, Katarzyna Bik talks with the owner of the gallery

About the exhibition of graphics by Jerzy Nowosielski in the Nova Gallery

Katarzyna Bik: Galeria Nova has been associated with young and not yet promoted feature painting: hyper-, photo- and pop-realistic. Where did the idea to show the graphics, in addition to the classic, which reached the top of success not only according to the critics, but also the art market?

Małgorzata Gołębiewska: It was an initiative of the International Print Triennial to allow galleries to take part in the program of this event.

KB: But why Nowosielski?

MG: Artists who cooperate with us are not graphic designers.

KB: But Nowosielski is not.

MG: But he tried. In the 1960s he made several beautiful woodcuts. Today, you can not get them anymore, although the boards have survived. And in the 90s formed serigraphs. I will not conceal that while I was working in Galeria Teresa and Andrzej Starmach I took part in the preparation of professor’s exhibitions and had the opportunity to meet him. That’s why I decided to show how nice these things are.

KB: And known. Because, in fact, they are prints of the most prized paintings and drawings of the artist, whose theme was a woman. All these perverse-spiritual Venusians from “Monograph of a Stranger”, “Memories from Egypt”, “Villa dei misteri”, naked or half-naked, shown at times of ambiguous, ambiguous situations – washing, undressing, bound by handcuffs like not only admirers of Nowosielski’s art.

MG: Because this artist is associated primarily with acts. Few, however, can afford to buy his oil painting or drawing. And the graphics are cheaper. In addition, the technique of serigraphy – or screen printing – makes the work have something unique in itself. There are actually two identical ones. Each color is laid separately. The nuances are even caused by the pressure of the scraper sliding on the screen surface. It can be said that there are as many originals as many prints.

KB: I mean how much?

MG: Nowosielski’s colorful works were only printed in 15 copies. Black and white is around 40-50. Thanks to these graphics, Nowosielski’s work becomes more and more popular. I heard the professor once say that he thanked Warhol for this power of serigraphy.

KB: Even though he thinks he is a “scavenger”?

MG:  And the impostor. But thanks to him and American artists of the 1980s, the screen printing, originating from the old technique of printing textiles through a template, became so fashionable.

KB: These works are for sale?

MG:  Yes, at prices from 2 500 to 7 000 zł.

KB: This is not enough for graphics.

MG: In Warsaw prices are even higher. And more works will not be created anymore …