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Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej / Contemporary Art Gallery

Pictures | Joanna Pawlik


09.05.2003 - 04.06.2003


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Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm


Art Agenda Nova
Batorego 2, Krakow



Joanna Pawlik


Joanna Pawlik's paintings presented at the exhibition in the nova gallery are an individual record of fragments of the artist's family life, which documents the surrounding reality in two ways - by photographing and painting it. It is the pictures that are the starting point for images. Despite the realistic form, Joanna Pawlik does not focus on the details, its aim is to achieve the maximum artistic expression by means of minimal formal means. She is not interested in the sociological commentary currently fashionable in young Polish painting, painting is for her a quality in itself, she moves within the circle of well-known and really familiar themes - with no pretensions to universalism or involvement in current issues. The artist, known for her large format compositions, characterized by a raised horizon line, a bright, saturated color scale, with the indispensable figures of her closest people - she is undergoing a painting evolution towards reduction, which in recent images is particularly visible. More and more often appear intentionally selected, sterile white support, enhancing the effect of certain graphics, strongly extracting characters from the background. (...) "Painting and image are the most important thing in painting. My paintings represent a specific form, with a clearly defined contour, deciding on the form that dominates in the picture. Color is important - a clear, resonant color that leaves no doubt” writes Joanna Pawlik