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All this street art | Anna Brandys, Brems, Coxie, Czarnobyl, Massmix, Nawer, Nespoon, Pikaso, Roem, Artur Wabik, Zbiok

The aim of the exhibition “All this street art” is not mindless following the fashion for street art, but a more problematic approach to this phenomenon. Certainly, it is not an attempt to transfer street art to the gallery, which is artificial and almost impossible, because the ‘classic’ definition of street art clearly states that it is an art whose place is in the urban space.

The Veblen Effect | Dorota Hadrian

In the work of Dorota Hadrian, the production of perfect goods becomes an element of the eternal narrative about the search for another, better, more perfect world in which perfection is not at odds with materiality, spiritual seeking with immersion in sensuality.