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Opening Hours

Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm


Art Agenda Nova
Batorego 2, Krakow


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Anna Brandys
Brems Coxie
Artur Wabik

About exhibition

curator: Iga Urbańska
organization: Agnieszka Ciałowicz, Justyna Czuj, Stefania Hrycyk, Agnieszka Pudełko
cooperation: Alek Hudzik

opening: 30 March
18 o’clock

Exhibition All this street art

The aim of the exhibition “All this street art” is not mindless following the fashion for street art, but a more problematic approach to this phenomenon. Certainly, it is not an attempt to transfer street art to the gallery, which is artificial and almost impossible, because the ‘classic’ definition of street art clearly states that it is an art whose place is in the urban space. It is worth noting, however, that this trend, like any other artistic field, evolves and breaks its own limitations. Naming the art placed in the gallery, derived from the experience of street art, ‘post-street art’, will allow one to distance itself from difficult to unequivocally resolve disputes on this subject of street art relations with art institutions, and focus on itself.
The aim of the exhibition is primarily to present, with a pinch of salt, the whole spectrum of activities derived from street art and to capture the diversity of this phenomenon, as well as its critical potential. There are no ‘classic’ street art works on it, as if taken out of the street and moved, but there are those that were created in isolation from the street context and are intended to be displayed in closed spaces. The exhibition is attended by both well-known and recently-emerging artists from this trend and those who rather derive from street art than fully identify with it. They combine their activity on the borderline of street art and other artistic areas: painting, design, and even conceptual art. Everyone experiments with form and technique, not limiting themselves to one and deriving from various trends. The different creative attitudes, reference to the term ‘post-street art’ and a slightly perverse and distanced approach to street art in the gallery shaped this project.
The works of invited artists show that their work, even the gallery’s need, still has an element of nonconformity. There is no lack of expression, objection and the ability to play with the recipient, and even with the same imaging even the canvas by Chernobyl and Nawer ‘All my friends are criminals’ perfectly presenting itself in a gallery context, and at the same time showing him his middle finger. Similarly, other works – functioning in the exhibition space does not take away their power of expression or proverbial eggs. These are works that are easier to deal with in terms of generally understood modern art than street art. This type of creativity is parallel to this street art. I believe that it can be treated as a natural consequence of their artistic development and the artists themselves as versatile. Piling them as street artists only and discussing whether they have departed from their ‘street roots’ or not, limits and distracts attention from the multithreading of art they create.

Organizers: Fundacja Wschód Sztuki, Art Agenda Nowa, Krk: Loca (r) tor

Donors: BRE Bank, Artma art store, Momotown Hostel,

Partners: GIT Studio, Parepikseli, Fritz Kola, Bio Box, Pause

Patrons: Radio Krakow, O.pl, digart.pl, exformers.com