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Opening Hours

Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm


Art Agenda Nova
Batorego 2, Krakow

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The Krasnals



‘All these LPR shares are creeping! – – More and more often gallery owners and curators fight with their thoughts: to exhibit an artist or not … ‘
Łukasz Guzek


Before watching this exhibition, read this text carefully or buy yourself a banana.

Fifty serigraphies, one hundred and fifty monkeys, one group, tens, hundreds, millions, and perhaps billions of members. This must be The Krasnals exhibition.
-Mom, see Sasnal repaint the picture of Whiel Krasnala!
– No, honey … Wait, I do not know who was the first Whielka Krasnal or Sasnal?
This is only a hypothetical conversation that may one day take place if the Dwarfs are allowed to enter the so-called “salons”. But certainly not impossible, because recently I met with the child’s question: Who was the first Sasnal or Krasnal. My answer shocked me, I immediately gave up without thinking: Whielki Dwarf and who?
Of course, Sasnal was the first. After all, the Krasnals gained notoriety on his works. They appeared at the best moment when curators and critics became so bold enough to promote someone like Wilhelm Sasnal. Opponents of The Krasnals accuse them of joining well-known artists and thanks to them they gain notoriety. Is it not the case of contemporary art that is currently the case, to always refer to someone? Sasnal himself said that he could not create something from the imagination, he only repaints the previously created images.
Whielki Krasnal does the same. He takes his picture and repaints it. It always ends with the fact that it is better than the original. Same with “Untitled”. The painting is a response to Sasnal’s “Monkeys with white margins.” The joke prepared by the Dwarfs even went to the Christie’s auction house, valuing the image for seventy thousand pounds. ) is not Wilhelm Sasnal, are the Dwarves doing something new? No. What they are actually doing is travesty.
The Krasnals are trying to discover what the world of art looks like. They ridicule all those artists who indulge in the hands of the curators, loudly proclaiming their independence to the world. That’s until they land on the director’s rug and they do not get a class schedule for the coming years. How it looks can be seen in the picture of Whielki Krasnal “Dream Factory”
When asked about the place where the artist is in today’s world, the Krasnals are trying to answer. Hierarchy in the world of art is best represented by the animal pyramid. There are three monkeys in the picture. At the bottom and the largest presents the artist, then there is a smaller curator, and at the very top a critic. Behind the biggest and the strongest one must always be smaller, but smarter. The one who will tell you where to go.
The main and only protagonist of this exhibition, or “Untitled” (“Monkeys with white bananas”). It is also very eloquent. It shows clearly that the contemporary artist is like a monkey. He will be taunted in the voice, announcing his freedom and superiority, but in the end he will go for the one who has bananas.

Marek Firek
“About money in art”

“It does not really matter to me …”
Wilhelm Sasnal

This text was made, as the owners of Art Agenda Nova asked me to write something about the Krasnals Group exhibition, which today (it is 01.25 hours) is to be opened in this gallery. At first, I hardly saw myself as the author of this type of text. I found that since a colleague from the Ładnie Group, Wili Sasnal does not pay me for the promotions of my person, I have no obligation to write about it. By the way, the gallery from Novej also did not stumble about any gratification for this article. Since this text is supposed to appear somewhere on the web I decided to write about my art. Willingly not wanting, there will also be something certain about the Dwarfs, as knowing myself I know that I will probably develop this as a side subject.
I did, however, ask Wile if he could tell me anything about this promotional campaign of his art. The above motto is part of the colleague’s response, then smartly switched to private topics. I do not intend to continue this thread any more, I wrote about it only so that no one would think that this quote is related to the title of the article. If that were the case, all the galleys would move away from my colleague, because an artist who does not want to sell his paintings, and well, is probably sick or abnormal. The only exception is the implementation of such a teaser, as exemplified by my theory of mediocrity in art. I will mention the times when I was at the academy. After the practical exam he was theoretical, and there were various questions. Apparently, there were also types: why do you want to study at the academy? I believe that if a candidate responded that he wants to earn a heavy hajs on his pictures, he would go out with a bang, stopping on the other side of the street, opposite the entrance to the asp.
Thoughts ….
Well, it was supposed to be about my art. Recently, I showed my pictures at the exhibition in Vienna, which was organized by Galeria Ardizon. Zuzanna Rokita wrote about it in Exit. As we agreed with the author of the text, I did not mind that she would show that what she shows would develop the idea of loading. Someone may say that this whole Group is nicely behind us, like some proverbial stench … What’s more, he attacks (in the person of Wile) the minds of such Dwarfs. I released my colleagues from the group and journalists and critics-art historians from the past, saying that the Group is fiercely fighting, so it works, etc. It evoked tapeworms and other obstructions to show that charging is nothing extraordinary, and the person speaking in this way she came to current, very original solutions. The journalists were not too enthusiastic about picking up only a cowshed.
Personally, I’m not going to cut myself off from anything. Imagine a situation that someone went on holiday to the seaside and there he learned to swim on a course. Returning home, however, she says that as a gifted person, he learned to swim alone. He says that because he wants to get a well-paid job as a rescuer at a local swimming pool. The fact that he reached everything himself is to increase his chances of employment and a good salary, which may indicate that he is extremely talented when it comes to swimming. I therefore state that I was by the sea and I was splashing there in the water. In order to maintain the consistency of the argument, I should say that I learned to swim there, although the truth is that I already possessed this skill.
Tia …
Why, then, did the Krasnalsi become interested in the order? I do not know. As for the form, they resemble such overrated angola, Banksy, or how it is there. I am afraid, however, that he is different from them – nowadays there is such a flow of information that none of the artists working in the western borderlands of Europe can say that he does not know what is happening, for example, in Poland, the heart of our continent. The same Mr. B. also reminds of the form of artists of the Polish school of poster from several decades ago, especially a few of its representatives from Poznań. Apparently, the exhibition has to be 50 prints depicting monkeys – such a reference to the work of another artist. It is an interesting idea in art, meta-art – I did it myself. Since, however, art about art, unfortunately we still remain in the enchanted circle of charge. It tires us solidly already.
However, he is proposing critics to continue this charcoal rubber from underpants, as promotions of Polish art. This is nothing more than a promotion (and therefore money – something little about them in this article), which is what the French did to perfectionism with their Impressionism. Although it was a simple development of the Russian and Polish school of landscape painting. I am just going to participate in this year’s artistic festival in Austria promoting interesting, new ideas in art, related to the landscape. Certain symptoms may indicate that art will go in this direction (but not so directly). Although it usually goes where no one expects.
One of the ideas I’ve made on the canvas of Ładnie’s group in art was the idea of inventiveness, or an inventory. The point is that the artist’s task is to come up with new trends in art. In addition, there is a certain priority in the applied arts in relation to pure arts. So the latter draw on applied arts. What’s more, they draw on architecture, which in turn is based on engineering inventions. I remember the astonishment that once aroused in me the photo of a modern villa designed by Corbusier with a car in the foreground. As for this car, it was the bodybuilder or stajling that was created by the creator of the villa standing in the background. And this car seemed to me tragically archaic in contact with modern architecture.
I had a phone call from one nice dwarf (judging by the voice). She stated that they know my theoretical texts. I would also like to propose to them a devotional theory of choice devised by me at the moment. The point is that every theory (in philosophy, but also in art and others) is right and everyone can choose the one that currently suits him. A Polish painter, Opałka, paints numbers in pictures. I think he would be a nice visitor if at some point he said that he has it somewhere and interrupts this geography. I think that some art critics could then commit suicide (and good). I wish this radical cut-off (not suicide) to the Dwarfs. It is enough for us, the members of Grupa Ładnie (Rafał Bujnowski, Marek Firek, i.e. writing these words, Marcin Maciejowski, Wilhelm Sasnal) to chase after their own tail. Only Józef Tomczyk-Kurosawa avoided this as he died. I dream that for example at the Biennale in Venice an actor would play his character, presenting Polish art. As for the money in art, I wanted to note that nowadays, due to the earthquake in Japan, there is an opportunity for them to be a bit more on the Polish market. Officially, one should sympathize with the Japanese, but economically do everything to make them dependent on them. They have been doing this with us all the time using the sticky hands of Polish politicians. Polish cars should be sent to help them (there are only Tarpany and vans, but also good ones), take over their pennies and transfer technologies to Poland. This is the only opportunity to save even FSO by buying and liquidating local producers. The issue of producing cars at FSO is related to design, and thus to art. Maybe then the Polish so-called for exaggerated capitalists will have some sensible capital and their wives will not have to create any foundations or art galleries to launder their husband’s dirty money. They will be sitting at home, painting their nails and washing their dirty socks.
And the other side ends, and Marcin from Nova wanted that there were only two.
Bleee …

Dziennik Polski, 21/03/2011

ART. The exhibition “150 monkeys” in the Krakow Nova Gallery (10 Kochanowskiego St.) is a joke. But as in a country without a sense of humor, not funny for everyone. Although I was just amused.

The Krasnals group are leading comedians of Polish art, camping outside the mainstream. And no wonder, since they touch the holiest. They make fun of even Wilhelm Sasnal, the most famous Polish artist today. He once mentioned in an interview that the artist is only a “gallery menda”, so they became … “gallery monkeys”. At the auction they sold paintings marked “Whielki Krasnal”, which – let us add – reached high prices. Krasnalsi love to pierce this puffed balloon of the local world of art, whose embodiment was Wilhelm Sasnal. But – contrary to appearances – it is not the most important thing about him.
It’s about the approach to art and the phenomena that have grown around it. Hence the jokes of the leftist environment of “Krytyka Polityczna”, which they believe has created a “political art” and has taken a patent for what is seen well. Sometimes the jokes go beyond the limits of good taste, it’s true. But they are amusing because they are intimidating with the pomp, great words and old arrangements.
Everything I know about Krasnalsy is just rumors. Apparently there are several of them, apparently everyone is responsible for a completely different field of activity. There is a specialist in promotion and PR, a man from writing texts, as well as a painter, or – as the Krasnals say – a “gallery monkey”. And it’s funny that the topic returns again at the Krakow exhibition. 50 serigraphies, each presenting three monkeys. There are still bananas. And the question of how long we can give monkeys. It amuses me, although I suspect that I am rather in a minority in the environment. Because it does not fall out …